Hello and thank you for your interest in joining our database of American made products. Building a portfolio page for your business is free, but please adhere to our guidelines to ensure a successful publish. These guidelines are to help build a better experience for our user’s which helps to drive more qualified traffic to your site.

Here is a basic guideline.  If you still have question feel free to call me and I will do my best to answer all you questions.
To Qualify in general is simple.  Is your product American made?  Are parts of that product outsourced?   If  more than 51% of your product is made in the USA, by the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) guidelines , You can consider your product and label it American made.

A Summary of the FTC Made in USA Standards

1.  For Products Made in a Foreign Country and sold in the USA

     a. The Law Requires the country of origin to be displayed on the Product.

2.   For Products Made in the USA and sold in the USA

     a.  The Law does not require the country of origin to be displayed on Made in USA products.

     b.  If the manufacturer chooses to ma a Made in USA content claim

     c.  The manufacturer must comply with the Made in USA Standard

     d.  If Made in USA is specified it must be “All or Virtually  All ” Made in USA

  * Examples of statement of qualification

“Made in USA using Korean Leather”

“Assembled in the USA”

“Made in USA using domestic and foreign components”

The Exception:  For automobiles, textiles, wool and fur products, The law requires Made in USA content to be disclosed. This disclosure must comply with Made in USA standards.

Click here For the complete FTC Guidelines for Made in USA  

If the product is produced from parts which are outsourced, you would not qualify.  The manufacturing of the products parts must be from the USA.  The company must be American based and must comply with the Federal Trade Commission Guide lines.  Those products mainly manufactured  in the USA with small outsourced parts are acceptable when those parts are not made and/ or available in the USA.  A product which only assembled in the USA from all outsourced parts does NOT qualify to be listed on our website.

If your website contains mainly  USA made products, but contains other products not made in the USA, this disclaimer notifying the consumer,


Will be posted at the top of your page.  This is for the consumer who is searching ONLY for American made products.

We do not wish to deceive the public.  We are an American based website and wish to provide only American made materials and service.


Please post in this format- If you want, you can copy and paste the following submission and fill it in with your own information:


1: upload and add a photo of your business. Preferable a 250 x 250 image.  Make sure it does a good job representing your product.







2. Title your post. Start with your business name and then a good description or slogan.





3. Write the body of your post. Please copy and paste the format below and replace our information with your company information. Please be as descriptive as possible.








Format to copy:

Business Name: AmericanMadeEverything.com


AmericanMadeEverything.com  is a family run company that was started with a simple mission in mind. Compile a list of some of the best American manufacturers and help drive qualified and relevant buyers to their business. Over time we have turned into a virtual community where our users can interact with these business by commenting and reviewing these business via their social networks. Also they can “love” the business if they so choose. Commenting and showing some “love” to a business helps raise its ranking in our search engine and further enhances the likelihood that someone in need of a product will find that “loved” american business.

So what are you waiting for? Make an account with us and start interacting with some of your favorite business’! And if they aren’t on here yet- we’ll…Give them the heads up!

Phone: 808-868-8656

Address/location: Kihei HI

Industry:  American Made Search Engine

What percent of your products are 100% American Made

Every aspect from our web design to customer service is done right here in Seal Beach California.

What Items of yours are Not American made (Must comply with FTC guidelines of an American Made product)?


Website Make sure to link the website and social networks by highlighting them and clicking the “link” button (looks like a chain at the top)





List any or all your links with Commas…Pinterest,Etsy,Google+,etc.



4.  Tag your business. Tags are keywords that describe your business. The best ones are tags that customers might use to search for your business. Tags like “awesome” and “best” dont really help because morelikely a qualified person to buy from your business is typing up something descriptive like ” handmade shoes”.

5.  Submit your post. After your post has been reviewed and accepted by us we will publish it.


NOTE: If you dont see a category that your business fits into- write that on the draft and we will make a new one for you.


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