Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

Raptor Blasting Systems LLC Our mission at Raptor Blasting Systems is to manufacture the highest quality abrasive blasting equipment in the market, at a fair and reasonable price. As our product line grows, we intend to use our vast blasting industry experience to continue developing highly innovative, functional sandblasting equipment. Our abrasive blast cabinets are extremely high functioning. We use top of the line components from the BNP Style guns […]



Calorique In 1980, Calorique was established as a technologically advanced contract custom printing company in West Wareham, MA, USA with the expertise and equipment to print a variety of elements onto a wide range of substrates for well known companies. As the technology developed globally for alternative renewable energy and efficient use of that energy, Calorique developed a flexible electric radiant heating film that maximizes the efficient conductive properties of […]


Mayfield Plastics

MAYFIELD PLASTICS We exceed our customer’s expectations by providing thermoformed parts that meet specifications, are shipped on time, and are competitively priced. Our commitment is to go the “extra mile” from design through production of our thermoformed parts and delivery to ensure customers have what they need, when they need it. OUR MANAGEMENT Our people come from a wide diversity and all have what it takes to work together to […]


Universal Plastics

Universal Plastics Since Universal Plastics was founded in 1965, our company has been a leader in the thermoforming industry. We specialize in precision custom thermoforming, a plastic manufacturing process that converts a sheet of plastic into a highly detailed finished product, with less tooling investment than other plastic molding processes. Our plant, located in Holyoke Massachusetts, has over 95,000 square feet, and we have over 100 employees. Since our inception, […]


Built Rite

Built Rite Reliance Engineering, Built-Rite Tool Die and LSR Engineering is an integrated Plastics Technology Company with expertise in Plastic Part Design, Mold Design, Mold Making, and Plastic Processing. Each Division of the Company is a highly regarded specialist in its core discipline. Each division of the company is equipped with state of the art machine tools and employs the latest technologies in delivering quality parts to our customers. We […]


The Original Granite Bracket Company

The Original Granite Bracket Company The Original Granite Bracket was started in order to supply a high grade hidden granite brackets and corbel for the Fabricators of Granite and Installers of granite that needed hidden granite brackets and corbels. Little did we know, it would lead to national sales in hidden granite brackets. It was apparent that the industry regarding granite countertop installation was lacking in having an affordable and […]


14th Rose Purses

14th Rose Purses  BONUS… GET 20% OFF YOUR PURCHASE WITH THIS CODE     AME20 14thRose Purses are a twist to the classics to take you stylishly to one season to the next. Christine/Owner/Designer is the 14th of 15 children resulting in the long happy married of John & Rose; hence the name 14th Rose.Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 14th Rose Purses 723 W 7th St, San Pedro CA […]



Drivewayspike Drivewayspikes  are Rubber “Spikes” have the appearance of a Tire puncturing device. WILL NOT DAMAGE VEHICLES.Made from recycled tires.Drivewayspikes materials are source in America Proudly made in America. Stops unwanted vehicles from entering your driveway. Our customers are telling us they are %100 effective. From old farts to Moms playing with the children,we have all age groups using Drivewayspikes as well. 978-494-9014 P.O. Box 141 Merrimac,Ma. 01860 What products does […]


Lone Star Baskets

Lone Star Baskets Lone Star Gift Baskets is a purveyor of fine Texas Foods and Gifts. We find the best that Texas has to offer and assemble iconic Texas basket shapes into a gift that is loved by anyone in any season. Our gifts are popular as corporate gifts, event gifts, and souvenirs from Texans wanting to share some of our best, our food! We support Texas agriculture and farmers […]


Blackstone Bags

Blackstone Bags Blackstone Bags are professional camera bags, accessories and equipment for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and more. They were created by a team of photographers in May 2011 to change the way photographers carry and use their gear. Blackstone Bags are not only sleek and discrete, they are built tough to their core with military grade materials.Just as important to us as quality in our products is keeping our […]


Drivewayspikes LLC

Drivewayspikes LLC MADE IN AMERICA Prevents U-Turns and uwanted vehicles from your driveway. DrivewaySpikes are safe, flexible recycled rubber,rubber spikes.No metal in Drivespikes. Gives the appearance of a tire puncturing device. DrivewaySpikes are an alternative to expensive gates, chains, rope, milk crates or other driveway barriers. Reflective yellow provides night visibility. No damage to your vehicle, or any vehicle. You can Drive Over or On Them. No need to get […]


Bucket Outlet

Bucket Outlet NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED IN THIS POST ARE AMERICAN MADE.  PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE BEFORE PURCHASE.  CALL 1-800-251-8824  Bucket Outlet is owned & operated by Red Hill General Store, Inc. We have been in business since 1998.Our offices & warehouse are located in Hillsville, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Customer service and satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business and we pride ourselves […]


Red Hill General Store new

Red Hill General Store  NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED IN THIS POST ARE AMERICAN MADE.  PLEASE CONTACT SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE BEFORE PURCHASE. RED HILL CUSTOMER SERVICE  (800) 251-8824 We’re a small store and online business run by families living in Virginia’s Appalachian mountains. We have eggs and beef from our family farm. We’ve been specializing in home food preservation, pressure cooker and caner parts, gardens, old-fashioned stovepipe heating, hardware, housewares, dry-goods, camping supplies, […]


Cart Companion™

Cart Companion™ We are family owned & operated, & specialize in making “Cart Companion” shopping cart handle covers. Our product prevents direct contact with contaminated shopping cart handles. Each Cart Companion is handmade with a non-absorbent/faux leather material, with a padded insert for comfort. Materials used to make our product are purchased from local stores in our community. We are proud to say that our product is Made in the […]


Loos & Co., Inc.

Loos & Co., Inc.  SOME MATERIALS MAY BE OUTSOURCED. PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE BEFORE PURCHASE. Loos & Co., Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of Military Specification Aircraft Cable and Aircraft Cable assemblies. Loos has over 50 years of experience in the cable industry and supplies flight control assemblies to all major aircraft manufacturers. Refer to our website (www.loosco.com) for a complete listing of capabilities, including: Stainless Steel […]



Mystic Knotwork

Mystic Knotwork Mystic Knotwork is the most well known source for American Made Knots for you, your home and your wedding event.The business started in 1957 when Alton Beaudoin began demonstrating and showing his decorative artwork. Our knots have been a mainstay of three separate cultures. Our sailor knots have been all over the world and our work is available in coastal towns up and down the US coasts.We were […]



50ROOTS.com We launched 50roots.com in 2013 with the goal of providing consumers a place to find unique and innovative American made products with great stories.Coming from manufacturing backgrounds, we have a natural curiosity about the products we purchase. We want to know each and every inch – where products come from, how they are made, what they are made of, and most importantly, we like to know that they are […]


Safe and Vault Store

Safe and Vault Store NOT ALL PRODUCTS ON THIS WEBSITE ARE 100% AMERICAN MADE…PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE BEFORE PURCHASE Safe and Vault Store is an online retailer of safes and security products. Safe & Vault was originally part of an organization chartered in 1902 called Spokane Safe & Lock that specialized in selling and servicing small safes as well as key and locksmithing services. In 1948 we became […]


Bodacious Cases, LLC

Bodacious Cases, LLC Bodacious Cases is a cell phone case company that currently offers 100% American Made cases for the iPhone 4/4s, 5 and 5s. The Band-It Case is NOT just a case, it’s your emergency case! It is an all-in-one, water-resistant, 2-piece snap-together iPhone case. Each case comes with a band the same color as the case. We offer up to 10 case colors and 12 easily interchangeable band […]