50ROOTS.com We launched 50roots.com in 2013 with the goal of providing consumers a place to find unique and innovative American made products with great stories.Coming from manufacturing backgrounds, we have a natural curiosity about the products we purchase. We want to know each and every inch – where products come from, how they are made, what they are made of, and most importantly, we like to know that they are […]


Clarissa Tumblers

Clarissa Tumblers When you invest in a tumbler from Clarissa Tumblers, you’re not only getting a high-quality, built-to-last tumbler, but you are making a pledge to “Buy American”.We design and ship our TritanTM True tumblers from our facility in Georgia, and supply tumblers to well-known brand manufacturers such as Costa del Mar Sunglasses, to retailers, and also provide personalized tumblers to our many customers.When you invest in a tumbler from […]


Coaster Buddy

Coaster Buddy How would you like to own one simple product that would make every aspect of your indoor and outdoor recreation that much more enjoyable? Well, that unique product is here.Coaster Buddy™ is a unique multi-purpose coaster specially designed to stabilize your drinks on carpet, sand and grass. Its lightweight, convenient and stackable. Yes, you can bring this buddy everywhere! It allows you to enjoy any beverage on the […]


Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co.

Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co. is the only Manufacturer of a 20,000 hour long life Rough Service incandescent light bulb left in America today! We believe that “Made-in-the-USA” is the gold standard for consistent quality in manufacturing. Our wattages range from 25 watts to 200 watts. We have been manufacturing light bulbs since 1987 and are dedicated to our customers satisfaction. If there is anything that we […]


American Made Matters

American Made Matters The mission of American Made Matters® is to educate consumers that buying US-made products strengthens the American Dream. American Made Matters is an organization made up of over 260 member companies and growing. Our members are manufacturers who represent various industries from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies. Sponsors include American made retailers, patriotic organizations, and service providers who support our cause. We are […]



SABAKNIFE  www.sabaknife.com SABAKNIFE is a manufacturer of American hand made kitchen cutlery, specializing in chef knives and kitchen knives. We are known for handcrafting some of the best “unique” professional chef knives. Our kitchen knives are built for chefs and sous chefs who chop and carve every day. We make a durable and ergonomic chef knife / kitchen knife that is designed to meet every cooking need. In fact some […]


Apple Pie

Apple Pie http://www.applepieusa.com/ Click to Visit Apple Pie Apple Pie is the best way to shop for American products. We are passionate about promoting American brands and the jobs they create. The popular perception of the label “Made in the USA” has evolved since WWII. For a time, it was the standard by which product quality was measured. For decades, that stayed the case; then, for decades, it wasn’t. Once […]



SoldierCity http://www.soldiercity.com/ Click to Visit  SoldierCity NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE AMERICAN MADE..PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE BEFORE PURCHASE SoldierCity is your online Army Navy store, with over 10,000 items for all branches of service: US Air Force, US Army, US Coast Guard, US Marine Corps, and US Navy. Our selection of military clothing, camouflage clothing, military patches, military medals and other quality products can’t be […]


St. Peter Woolen Mill, Inc.

St. Peter Woolen Mill, Inc. www.woolenmill.com Click to visit St. Peter Woolen Mill Website Since 1867, the St. Peter Woolen Mill in St. Peter, MN has been committed to providing our customers with the highest quality green products and services at a competitive price. Our luxurious wool-filled comforters, mattress toppers and pillows have been refined through 4 generations of family dedicated to recognition of the value of traditional wool bedding […]


PAN Grill-it

PAN Grill-it www.pangrillit.com Click to visit website The Pan Grill-it™ is a NEW!, one of a kind, commercial grade, Made in USA, pre-seasoned, cast iron grill insert designed to fit in a 12” skillet, 10.5” griddle, place on rusted existing BBQ grill grates, place on commercial flat top grills and use as a Trivet inside of Dutch Ovens. The Pan Grill-it’s™ use and patent design allows you to BBQ your […]



SimpleAmericanStyle.com Simple America Style is your premier source for quality products Made in America! Tired of searching dozens of sites for the quality American made products you are looking for? Then we have the answer for you at http://www.simpleamericanstyle.com/. Find great home décor, classic toys, beautiful jewelry, kitchen supplies, furniture, kid and baby items, toys and pet supplies all 100% Made In America! We are your one-stop-shop for all things American. Stay […]



CC Fine Furniture

CC Fine Furniture http://barefootwoodworker.com/ We are a Southern California based Custom Woodworking/ Custom Furniture company. We buy from local suppliers and build everything onsite. As we mostly build custom work, there is no mass manufacturing. When you call to discuss the design of the furniture you’ve always wanted, you are talking directly to the skilled artisan who will build it. Your personal sense of style goes into making a piece […]


Bluebird Blanket

Bluebird Blanket http://bluebirdblanket.com Beautiful made-in-America blankets for everyone! We offer blankets for baby, home and even to collegiate striped throws for your college student. Many of our blankets are made with recycled cotton fibers. We are proud to have all of our products made in the USA, and are equally proud of our innovative designs and fantastic fibers. 800-886-2184 1810 South First Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD   57105 What products […]


Glamos Wire Products

Glamos Wire Products www.glamoswire.com Glamos Wire Products has been our family owned business since 1899. We are the 4th generation owners looking towards future generations to pass along our heritage.Our long standing position as manufacturers of American Made products has made Glamos Wire Products the leaders in the wire forming industry emphasizing quality and delivery.We supply the North American and International markets with lawn and garden products such as folding […]


Mighty Max Cart LLC

Mighty Max Cart LLC http://www.MightyMaxCart.com   Please use Promo Code “USA” and get 20% Off all of our products! We manufacture our All Purpose Gardening, Sporting, and Fishing Carts 100% in the USA. We have a very unique patented cart that weighs only 22 pounds, but carries over 600 pounds, will never rust, the wheels will never go flat, and our carts can transform into many different carts like a […]


Creative Canvas Solutions

Creative Canvas Solutions http://grill-covers.yolasite.com/ Custom Outdoor Grill Covers With free Shipping in the USA.Great grill covers made to last and fit, many fabrics to choose from With gorgeous designs, incredible durability and easy maintenance, Sunbrella. Sunbrella is not like vinyl or plastic grill covers because of its ability to breath and not trap the moister in. So take care of your Barbecue Grill with a custom grill cover made to […]


Goose Pond

Goose Pond http://www.goosepond.com Click to shop website Gold and silver acid etched jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and other metal gifts.      Creating original designs in ornaments and jewelry since 1982 Over 70 detailed designs, many three-dimensional , or with  moving parts.  Choose traditional, whimsical, nautical, nature and wildlife motifs.  Each ornament comes with its own decorative hook Choose from over 70 designs Matching necklaces Holiday, Nature, wildlife, nautical, Celtic and […]



WeatherTech www.WeatherTech.com Our mission is quite simple at MacNeil Automotive Products Limited. We strive to continually exceed our customers expectations, and it shows not only in every product that wears the WeatherTech brand, but in our culture as well. Let’s delve a bit deeper “Behind the Tech”! Our commitment to Quality shows in our recent certification to the ISO/TS 16949 Quality Standard prepared by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) […]



LabelYourStuff, LLC www.labelyourstuff.com Click to visit website The Label Your Stuff philosophy is simple: To offer you, our customers, the very best service and quality we can. Durability, design and usefulness are the essential ingredients of our products, all of which are custom-made in the USA.We are proud of what we do and how we do it. Most of all, we are grateful that you have chosen us to create […]