Spring City Electrical

Spring City Electrical   http://www.springcity.com/ Click to visit website All of Spring City’s operations are located within one facility, which consists of a foundry, engineering, sales, customer service and much more! This enables us to offer unmatched customer service! We are able to process your drawings for approval and quickly provide answers to product modifications.Since our products are cast on-site within our foundry, deliveries are made within a timely matter. […]


Branam Oral Health Products

Branam Oral Health Products http://www.branamsmile.com/ Click to visit website Xylitol tooth gel, Xylitol toothpaste, Xylitol gum in 4 flavors Located in the Midwest our company uses only natural ingredients and everything is manufactured in the USA. We offer Xylitol gum, tooth gel,and toothpaste for children. Xylitol is sugar free and made of natural ingredients, and inhibits bacteria from attaching to the teeth and gums to help avoid tooth decay.Branam Oral […]


Kodiak Cutting Tools

Kodiak Cutting Tools http://www.kodiakcuttingtools.com Click to visit website Kodiak Cutting Tools provides carbide end mills, drills, tap reamers and other high speed steel and carbide cutting tools fro metal cutting applications.  We offer same day shipping on our selection of over 13,000 stocked items and free shipping over $250. Our commitment to the metal working industry is to provide premium quality, American made carbide end mills and other carbide, high […]


American Made Everything.com

American Made Everything.com AMEUSA.COM   Support jobs in America.  Buy American. American Made, American Paid…Join us today by buying American made products and service. Our goal is to encourage spending on American goods which stimulates production and creates more jobs for Americans. Got an American business? Sign up your American Based business here today. Browse our many sites of American made products and Buy American made products and put America […]


Leather Goods Connection

Leather Goods Connection http://www.leathergoodsconnection.com/ Custom made leather wallets, bridle leather belts, harness leather belts, ranger belts made in three locations in the US. In business since 1972 706 776 9171 572 Cedar Ave, Demorest GA What percent of your products are 100% American Made? 100 What items does your business sell that are not American made? 0 Website www.leathergoodsconnection.com   Tapered Leather Belts, Tapered Ranger Belts, Three fold Biker Wallet […]


American Made Dorm

American Made Dorm http://www.amdorm.com/ Click to visit website American Made Dorm offers high quality, custom-made bedding and accessories – Made in America- to college and boarding school students. The company also offers home bedding. The quality of the products is unrivaled by overseas products sold by competitors. American Made Dorm is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Its mills and suppliers are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. […]


Mullen Guitar Co., Inc.

Mullen Guitar Co., Inc. www.mullenguitars.com Click to visit website NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE AMERICAN MADE.  ONLY  STEEL GUITARS ARE GUARANTEED AMERICAN MADE ON THIS SITE. Proudly building 99% USA Made Pedal Steel Guitars for over 40 years. Del Mullen . . . grew up on a cattle ranch in eastern Colorado. He came from a very musical family spending as much time as possible listening to […]


Scientech, Inc.

Scientech, Inc. http://www.scientech-inc.com/index.phtml Click to visit website USA manufacturer of electronic balances/scales and laser power meters for over 43 years. We offer semi-micro balances, analytical balances, precision scales, lab balances and gem balances/scales. Over 62 various models are offered with readabilities from 0.01mg to 0.1g and capacities from 50g to 12kg. Scientech, an American owned innovator of high quality, precision weighing balances and scales for over 37 years and the […]


Eddie's Wheels for Pets, Inc

Eddie’s Wheels for Pets, Inc   Twenty years ago, we made our first dog wheelchair for our own paralyzed dog. Now we make over 2000 animal wheelchairs a year and send them all over the world. We employ 14 people in a small mill-town in New England, continuing the metal-working tradition that historically began in America here (Lamson and Goodnow Cutlery). Every animal mobility cart is individually custom built by […]


The Oregon Connection/ House of Myrtlewood

The Oregon Connection/ House of Myrtlewood www.oregonconnection.com Click to visit website The Oregon Connection (The House of Myrtlewood) is one of the oldest businesses in Coos Bay, Oregon. Started in 1929 by William Beaumont, the original location was near the present day Chevron Station on 1st Street. Beaumont, originally from North Dakota, started the business as a way to support his family after the box company where he worked closed […]


Draper Therapies

Draper Therapies http://www.drapertherapies.com Click to visit website NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE AMERICAN MADE.  PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE ITEMS BEFORE PURCHASE. Draper Therapies® stems from their parent company, Draper Knitting Company, a family owned and operated textile mill that has been in operation in Canton, MA since 1856. Their long standing history and ability to keep family ties strong has enabled them to change and […]



EZ TOFU PRESS http://www.eztofupress.com/ Click to visit website Tofu or bean curd is a nutritious and healthy source of protein. In order to properly prepare firm and extra firm tofu, the water in it needs to be pressed out prior to marinading and cooking. With EZ Tofu Press, this can be done quickly. EZ Tofu Press is affordable and can be purchased at Amazon.com.EZ Tofu Press Features: -Can be used […]


Made in America Store

Made in America Store   www.MadeInAmericaStore.com Click to visit website The Made in America Store opened on April 3, 2010. Located just 20 minutes from Buffalo and less than an hour from Niagara Falls, NY, it is the only general merchandise store in the country that sells 100% American Made Products, down to the packaging. Our mission is to restore U.S. manufacturing jobs by providing American consumers a brick & […]


Internet Radio America

Rowdy Media Corp Internet Radio America http://www.internetradioamerica.com http://www.4days4america.com Click to visit website Rowdy Media Corp combines multimedia through Internet Radio America with The Groupit networking consumers and businesses all across the country to rally behind the American Made Movement in support of 4 Days 4 America. Advertising for American businesses 781-308-9119 1508 Main ST, Lynnfield MA, 01940 What percent of your products are 100% American Made? No products sold. What […]



ShirtsThatGo http://www.shirtsthatgo.com Click to visit website Vehicle inspired t-shirts for kids and toddlers. Our line includes t-shirts with trains, fire trucks, airplanes, dump trucks, garbage trucks etc. Basically we have all the favorites. We print the designs oversize on American Apparel kids tees. (800) 598-8020 700 Market Street #27, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 What percent of your products are 100% American Made? 100% What items does your business sell that […]


TofuXpress, Inc.

TofuXpress, Inc.   www.tofuxpress.com click to visit website The TofuXpress is designed to be the healthy cook’s kitchen tool! It presses water effectively from a standard size brick of commercially made tofu so you can change its texture and add flavoring.Tofu is a great source of vegetarian protein. By using tofu as a substitute for meat protein we can conserve the amount of natural resources needed to produce our protein […]


Kit-Cat Clocks

Kit-Cat Clocks   http://www.kit-cat.com/ Click to visit website NOT ALL ITEMS LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE ARE AMERICAN MADE…PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER TO AUTHENTICATE ITEMS BEFORE PURCHASE We’re the manufactures of the iconic Kit-Cat Clocks with wagging tail and rolling eyes. Kit-Cat Clocks have been made in America since 1932.  In 1932, during the heart of The Great Depression, the Kit-Cat® Clock was first invented in a small Oregon town by […]


Ecosus Sleep Systems

Ecosus Sleep Systems   http://www.ecosussleepsystems.com/Home_Page.html Click to visit website We manufacture vacuum packed memory foam mattresses 100% made in the USA and delivered direst to the customers home. Our mattresses do not sleep hot, have no irritating petrochemical odor, and have no ” cocooning ” once positioned in bed. And oh by the way, we cost one half the cost of the leading brand. BUT HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? […]


W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company   http://www.wrcase.com/index_en.php Click to visit website W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that have been passed down for generations. Based in Bradford, PA, Case’s offerings include a wide variety of knives that fit virtually any need, from the convenience of a handy pocket knife to fixed blade sporting knives and limited edition collectibles. Case’s rich history […]