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$25.00 Per year.

Renews on date of purchase.

To add your business, go to our homepage and click the “Advertise with us” located at the top of the page.  Fill out the application, hit submit, and you will then be prompted to our payment screen.

Once your payment and application have been accepted, listings usually post within 24 hours during normal business hours Hawaii time. Except on weekends and Holidays.

 We are an Interconnect Database Directory of American made products and service.  Our range includes many options such as Residential, Commercial, Housewares, Pets, Clothing, Organic and Green products, as well as many many other goods produced in the USA.
Not all items must be Made in the USA however we do expect the majority of your products to be sourced  and manufactured from the United States.
To locate businesses or products simply use the search bar.
EXAMPLE:  If you search “green or organic” from our search bar you will find pages of companies such as yours, plus many others.  Your page will be listed under those categories and any others which suit your website.  Your page will be listed on the homepage of our website for approximately one month.  As new listings are added you move down the list.
List moves by date of application, but can be found via the search bar.  The front page are the newest listings.
 You can visit our “About Us” or our “Guidelines to Add Your Business”,  at the bottom of our home page, for more information.
 We are hoping to add you to our growing list of distinguished patrons.
  If you have any other questions you may call or email us any time.

Advertise on our Front Page Slider, Located at the top of our homepage.

Send us a 990 x 300 photo to use in your slider area. (REQUIRED) Send photo to  “Attention Advertising”

CURRENT ADVERTISING SPECIAL $25 PER MONTH For Ad’s placed during the month of November.

Normal pricing is $50.00 per month to list your banner on our front page slider.

Payment terms are once a month payments.  No half month or partial payments accepted.

The payments are Per Month, Beginning the day of purchase and generate every month.  Payments received are for one month and will continue monthly unless canceled.  Rates are available for each individual frame of the slider.  Cost varies;

First , second, third and fourth slot are viewed most often and will be seen by all customers.  To obtain these slots based on availability can be purchased by inquiring to  Please request slot desired. All Prices are negotiable and vary with position of each slot.

These areas may be obtained if not otherwise purchased.

  •  Slots rotate every 3 seconds.
  • There are 10 slots.
  • These slots are currently $25.00 per month.
  •  Contact for availability.

Cancellation must be made prior to the due date of next billing.  No refunds will be issued.  Once payment has been made the ad will run for the approximate 30 period (the entire month).    Cancellations can be made by simply non-payment of the next month.  If you wish to re-apply or move to another slider, you must begin from the “Advertising” area.


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