Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

Our mission at Raptor Blasting Systems is to manufacture the highest quality abrasive blasting equipment in the market, at a fair and reasonable price. As our product line grows, we intend to use our vast blasting industry experience to continue developing highly innovative, functional sandblasting equipment.

Our abrasive blast cabinets are extremely high functioning. We use top of the line components from the BNP Style guns to Wilkerson high quality regulators. In addition the Raptor Blasters utilize a very bright 20 watt LED light and a 100 CFM can style dust collector which create a very bright and dust free highly visible cabinet interior. All of these characteristics contribute to the high level of performance you will come to expect from a Raptor Blaster cabinet.

Raptor Blaster

Built for the industrial market as well as the hobbyist who desires a high quality blasting cabinet, a Raptor Blaster will greatly enhance any production facility, shop, garage, or business. Raptor Blaster sandblasting cabinets are Built to Last, Built to Blast!

USA Quality

Built to Last is more than a slogan, it is a promise! Our media blasting equipment aand accessories are manufactured in the USA, using the highest standards. This ensures solid construction, high performance, and consistent results over time.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Raptor Blaster sandblasting cabinets, please feel free to contact us from the link at top and we will provide you all the details to get started.   – Request Additional Information.

Raptor Blasting Systems LLC

4231 Pacific St. #10, Rocklin, CA 95677



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