The Original Granite Bracket Company

The Original Granite Bracket was started in order to supply a high grade hidden granite brackets and corbel for the Fabricators of Granite and Installers of granite that needed hidden granite brackets and corbels. Little did we know, it would lead to national sales in hidden granite brackets. It was apparent that the industry regarding granite countertop installation was lacking in having an affordable and viable way to get hidden granite brackets for the granite countertop support and overhangs that have become so popular with fabricators, installers and home owners.
We build the strongest hidden granite bracket for granite countertop support on the market, while still achieving its low profile functionality and support for granite counter tops. You can now couple the hidden granite bracket with the beauty of the decorative wooden corbel and so we offer both the hidden granite bracket for the support of granite countertop or granite bars.
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Knee Wall Hidden Countertop Support Bracket
Hidden Countertop Support T-Bracket
Hidden Countertop Support L-Bracket
Calli Hidden Side Wall Support Bracket
Flat Wall Hidden Countertop Support Bracket
Hidden Shelf Bracket
Hidden Free Hanging Shelf Bracket
Hidden Island Countertop Support Bracket
Hidden Wall Bracket


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