The FootMate System by Gordon Brush

Foot care is a daily challenge, but the Podiatrist recommended FootMate® System makes optimal foot health easy. It is a complete foot care system for cleaning, soothing, stimulating, and massaging your feet every time you shower.

The FootMate® System is a brush and specially formulated gel, that goes in the bath or shower to clean and massage your feet without having to bend over. The product is great for the elderly, anyone with back problems, pregnant women, athletes, people that have trouble bending or seeing their feet while showering or bathing, or anyone wanting a soothing, stimulating way to clean and massage their feet in the shower. The product is currently endorsed by the 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist/2012 Olympic Silver Medalist in the 100M hurdles, Dawn Harper.

The FootMate’s wide, gentle inner bristles massage your tender soles, while the stiffer outer bristles smooth rough skin and calluses, and stimulate circulation. The contoured bristles, shaped to cradle the foot, creates a stimulating massage and extra cleaning power for both the bottom and sides of your feet. With circulation stimulated, your feet will feel great.

The FootMate® System is the ultimate foot massage and the perfect way to pamper your tired, aching feet. Refresh, Restore, Renew!™…


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The FootMate System
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