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The Purse Perfector® is the American-made solution to handbag chaos. The distinct front-to-back design allows predictable order in every bag. A favorite of professional organizers, the Purse Perfector has 13 tailored pockets in two sections that zip together. Available in two sizes, Medium fits traditional wallets and the Large can manage checkbook wallets in the horizontal pocket between the two sections. Open partially for a long, thin profile in a briefcase or tote or unzip entirely to slip into a smaller purse or place on either side of a divided purse. Now you will be able to use all your purses, change bags in seconds and keep all items at your fingertips! Proudly made in America and packaged by the developmentally disabled at Easter Seals in Cincinnati.
3458 Observatory Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
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Purse organizer insert
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  interior pockets, accommodate a backpack, accommodate a small bag,accommodate a briefcase, accommodate a rolling tote,Well-made in the USA,good durable fabric,
 Standard Purse organizer insert 9″ x 4-1/4″ x 5-1/4″,
Metric Purse organizer insert 22.8 cm x 10.8 cm x 13.3 cm,
  everything quickly and predictably,

  • Thirteen (13) pockets, including four (4) flat card pockets, eight (8) tailored pockets and a long center pocket,
  • A zipper unites the two sections of the Purse Perfector purse organizer for a long pocket perfect for a large checkbook wallet to fit horizontally, or passport, photos, checkbook and other larger items,
  • Your wallet, pen, reading glasses, sunglasses and other tall items will be at your fingertips in the tall section of the purse organizer,
  • In the short section of the purse organizer, you will find a convenient and predictable place for all your small essentials, such as your phone, camera, notepad, lipsticks and glosses, pills, hand sanitizer and other daily items,
  • Never fumble for a business card or your hotel key card with the ingenious pocket on the back of the purse organizer tall section,
  • When you need to move the entire contents of your purse organizer to a briefcase, sport bag, diaper bag or tote, simply unzip two sides of the Purse ,Perfector handbag organizer liner and open for a thin side-by-side profile
  • By unzipping entirely, you will have two organizers for a divided bag or use just one half for a smaller purse,
  • The stable, flat bottom of the Purse Perfector purse organizer allows you to easily review what’s in your purse organizer before changing bags,
  • The Purse Perfector purse organizer is hand tailored in America of imported high-grade, durable nylon,
  • Never worry about spots, stains or lip stick smears since the Purse Perfector purse organizer is machine washable, air dry,
  • At only 5 ounces, the Purse Perfector purse organizer insert adds functionality and organization without weight
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