Authentic Military Dog Tags for You and Yours

Our Military Dog Tags are same as those used by the U.S. Military. We purchase our dog tag blanks and chains from the same U.S. Companies our military does.Our Dog Tags are available from us in the Stainless Steel Matte (gray), they have the crimped edge we are all familiar with. This is what our Armed Forces use as standard issue. We also offer ID Tags in stainless steel bright, brass, black – copper and aluminum tags.
Medical Tags available in several metal types. Available with the medical symbol embossed on four different tag choices.
We also have branch tags, patriotic tags, flag tags, and fun tags.
We have been in business since 1997. we are proud to be an American bases company and refuse to sell Asian products.
What percent of your products are 100% American Made?
What items does your business sell that are not American made?
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