Zentek Clothing Company

Janice Kajanoff, founder of Zentek Clothing, has always been a natural

problem solver. At age 12 she knew exactly what she wanted to do in life,

and after receiving her degree in Clothing Design from the University of

Washington, Janice spent the next 30 years as a professional dressmaker.

Trained that fit is just as valuable as function, Janice found that there was

a lack of good design in the growing market of canine coats—especially for

curved back dogs who are lithe and athletic with very little fur and fat.

Janice knew there had to be a better way. And after researching performance

fabrics, like Comfortemp® which regulates body temperature, she used

her knowledge of proper fit to design a line of breathable, water-resistant

and temperature-controlling coats for dogs.Inspired by the blissful comfort

and performance technology of her line, Janice named her company

Zentek Clothing, as a symbol of the blending of these essential elements.

2400 NW 80 St PMB # 294 Seattle WA 98117
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