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Family owned and operated makers of the finest and freshest organic flaxseed oil, Fresh Catch fish oil, green food supplements and other premium essential fatty acid products.Barlean’s is GMP compliant and guarantees that every pure & pristine drop is made to order, air delivered and dated for freshness. Barlean’s is not a muli-line manufacturer, but rather stands committed to its long tradition as the highest quality nutritional oil specialist.- Voted Best Product of the Year – Vitamin Retailer magazine
– Best New Product of the Year – Better Nutrition magazine
– Natural Choice Award – Whole Foods magazine
– Vity Award – Vitamin Retailer magazine
– Gold medal – American Masters of Taste
– Top Gear Award –
– Best of Natural Beauty Awards – Better Nutrition magazine
As a company, Barlean’s was recently honored:
– #1 Rated Health Store Brand for Consumer Satisfaction – Consumer Lab
– Manufacturer of the Year – Vitamin Retailer magazineAll Barlean’s products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed; Flax Oil, Ground Flaxseeds and various specialty blends, Fresh Catch Fish Oils, Coconut Oil, Kid’s Omega-3 supplements, Olive Leaf and Green Food Concentrates.
Barlean’s has revolutionized Omega-3 supplementation with the all new Omega Swirl which has the taste & texture of a fruit smoothie. Voted Best Product of the Year, the high-potency Omega-3 fish and flax oils come in a variety of delicious flavors.
(800) 445-3529
4936 Lake Terrell Rd. Ferndale, WA 98248
What percent of your products are 100% American Made?
Nearly all products
What items does your business sell that are not American made?
coconut oil is sourced in the Phillipines, but manufactured in U.S.
essential fats, called Omega-3 fatty acids, 42-acre Barlean’s farm,Ferndale, WA,
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Ultra EPA-DHA, fruit punch-flavored cod liver fish oil,Ideal Omega3,1,000 mg EPA/DHA in Just One Softgel!,

Omega Kids DHA,Signature Salmon Oil,Full spectrum of healthful Omega-3s,500 mcg Super ORACAntioxidant Astaxanthin,1,000 IU Vitamin D3,Optimal Essential Fatty Acid Nutrition,Superior Bioavailability,Small Fish Softgels,Powerful Antioxidants,Easy Digestion – No Fishy Aftertaste,Sustainably Caught – Marine,Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified,Ultimate Source of Omega-3s, Phospholipids & Antioxidants,Signature Fish Oil Capsules,Wild & Whole Krill Oil,Cod Liver Oil Capsules,Cod Liver Oil,Signature Fish Oil,Superfruit Greens,All-Natural Strawberry-Kiwi Flavor, nourish your body, Forti-Flax ground flaxseed,rich source of Omega-3, dietary fiber, protein, mucilage, phenoliccompounds,vitamins,,traceminerals,aminoacids,NaturalBerryFlavorBarlean’sGreens,

  • More than 50 super foods and supplements,MEGA 5,000 ORAC antioxidant value per serving,Delicious chocolate flavor made with 100% natural cocoa powder,Perfect super-nutrition for the whole family , kid’s love it!,Zero sugar ,sweetened with all-natural stevia leaf extract,Perfect replacement for sugar-laden chocolate milk and hot chocolate,Delicioushotorcold,DairyandSoyFree,Nature’sPerfectSuperfood,glutenfreeandnonGMO,Barlean’sGreens,ChocolateSilkGreens,
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