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Bit Dr.™, Pro-Gear, Bionic Wrench™, Bionic Grip™, ImmiX™
At Loggerhead Tools LLC we design, develop, and market innovative lifetime warranty, new-to-the-world hand tools . We believe your work should be easier, faster, and more professional; so we create tools that not only improve your results but it also streamline your toolbox and your time. Our premier product, the Bionic Wrench™, defines a new class of adjustable wrenches with patented gripping technology. Because of its wrap-around grip, it won’t strip corners like conventional wrenches or pliers. The Bionic Grip expands on the Bionic Wrench™ by adding an open-ended head that can work difficult or impossible to reach places, including pipes and tubes. It also has four serrated jaw surfaces and a new Interlock™ mechanism that stays locked while under torque load – making it ideal for use on household plumbing or hydraulic and air line fittings. The ImmiX™ multi-tool is based on the award-winning, patented Bionic Wrench™ technology. It blends the functionality of up to 34 full-sized tools with a universal design that makes it easy to use for almost anyone and anywhere! A handy addition to the kitchen, office, dorm room or tool chest, the ImmiX™ is ready to tackle most any daily maintenance chore or domestic emergency that involves nuts, bolts or screws. Finally, the last addition to our family, is the The Bit Dr™. The Bit Dr™ is a new kind of screwdriver that cleverly packs the function of a 21-piece driver set in the weight of one standard screwdriver. Measuring only 4 inches long when folded, this tiny tool creatively stows 10 patent-pending, double-sided Xtra-Bits™ bits in a removable bit cartridge that also acts as a cushioned rubber handle. With all of our tools, you’ll find many applications and possibilities!! From bicycles and cars to bed frames and lawnmowers, you’ll never have to struggle again to find the right tool. And with the wide variety of sizes our Bionic Wrench and Grip come in, even industrial, commercial, and agricultural businesses can find ways to incorporate its application. Check out our website for more product information!!
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All of our products are 100% American made!
Bit Dr.™, Pro-Gear, Bionic Wrench™, Bionic Grip™, ImmiX™
  six angled positions along a 180-degree range,free-wheeling/ratcheting mechanism,fits comfortably in the palm of a hand,Quality made in U.S.A.,
  The Xtra-Bits™ offer a range of popular driver heads, including slotted, Phillips, hex, square and star, and the bit holder also serves as a female hex,
 cushioned rubber handle,magnetized bit driver,pivoting head,
 small enough to keep in a pocket drawer or tool pouch,  built to last,
  ergonomic features,intuitive ratcheting function and fingertip control,
 21-piece driver set in the weight of one standard screwdriver,
Bit Dr.™, Pro-Gear, Bionic Wrench™, Bionic Grip™, ImmiX™,hardened bits are nickel-coated for corrosion resistance and long wearing,Meets or exceeds applicable ANSIstandards,Ergonomicmoldedglassreinforcednylon,LoggerHeadTools’products,

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